[Nice] Libnice 0.0.11 released!

Youness Alaoui youness.alaoui at collabora.co.uk
Thu Mar 18 14:11:15 PDT 2010

Hi everyone!

A new version of libnice is now available : version 0.0.11!
You can download it from here : http://nice.freedesktop.org/releases/
And you'll find its documentation available here :

Here are the main changes :
- Handle EAGAIN for UDP sockets
- Fix coverity warnings
- Fix a bug with TURN and Channel Bindings
- Add a reliable transport mode using libjingle's PseudoTcp implementation
- Various fixes

The main feature in this release is the addition of a reliable transport
mode for libnice as well as a TCP over UDP implementation class.

To use libnice in reliable mode, you need to call the
'nice_agent_new_reliable' function instead of 'nice_agent_new' and
that's it, your components will become reliable! it will use a libjingle
(google talk) compatible
pseudoTCP over UDP  protocol which has only a 24 bytes overhead per packet.
The other change is that once the pseudoTCP connection is established
(after the agent goes into state READY) you get a signal
'reliable-transport-writable' that gets sent from the nice agent. Also,
when you call nice_agent_send, if it returns a value inferior to the
length of the buffer you gave it (or -1 and the agent is already
connected), then the reliable-transport-writable signal will also get
emitted. However, the signal will not get emitted if you just call
nice_agent_send without hitting that 'ret < len' condition.
That's all you have to do for reliable transport!
You can also directly use the PseudoTCP class in your own code. Please
refer to the documentation for more information on how to use it.

Youness Alaoui.

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