[Nice] Libnice 0.0.12 released!

Youness Alaoui youness.alaoui at collabora.co.uk
Wed May 19 13:45:24 PDT 2010

Hi everyone!

A new version of libnice is now available : version 0.0.12!
You can download it from here : http://nice.freedesktop.org/releases/
And you'll find its documentation available here :

Here are the main changes :
- Update compatibility to RFC5245
- Fix a memory corruption bug
- Fix a possible buffer overflow with socks5 proxies

This release is a really small bugfix release. It also introduces the
compatibility mode NICE_COMPATIBILITY_RFC5245, which is the same as DRAFT19. I
deprecated the DRAFT19 symbol, so new code should use the RFC5245 compatibility,
but old code will stay compatible.

Youness Alaoui.

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