[Nice] Compatibility with MS Office Communicator 2007 R2

Jakub Adam jakub.adam at tieto.com
Fri Oct 1 00:15:16 PDT 2010

Hi Youness,

> Thanks, I re-reviewed them and applied them locally. However, you said that the
> OC2007R2 compatibility should be made different from the WLM2009 one, but the
> patch you gave me didn't have that.. it would mean another break of the API once
> we integrate your TURN work... I suggest it would be made different right now
> even if TURN support isn't integrated, so we don't break the API later.

Yes, I should split it before sending the last set of patches, sorry.
There are no more changes to public API at agent/agent.h in TURN patch

> I do not expect the code to change
> > much, you can review the current state of implementation and point out
> > problems you see.
> I think right now, i'll just wait for you to finish and clean the code before
> reviewing it... it would be good to know though if the TURN support of OC2007R2
> is also compatible with WLM2009's TURN servers... As I stated last time, the WLM
> compatibility current uses the MSN TURN compat only because I didn't implement
> the new WLM TURN support, and we were able to use the older MSN TURN servers...

After some tests I made yesterday, TURN is working well for me. Please
consider attached version as final and ready for review.

> I see.. I can understand the API break for the
> stun_message_validate_buffer_length, but I don't agree with what you added to
> stun_agent_t.. I don't think anything should be added there.. if you need
> something turn specific it should be added to the TurnPriv in socket/turn.c

I tried to address this problem by moving things from stun_agent_t to

> Good.. I will wait for your update then, then make a release, but after tonight,
> i'll be done with this quick libnice maintenance work as I have other stuff to
> take care of. But I should be able to get some time to review your latest patch
> and make the release.

Ok, I hope you'll find a couple of minutes to look at it soon.



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