[Nice] Audio/Video Call not working in Empathy application

Dinesh D updatedinesh at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 23:30:57 PDT 2011

Audio/Video Call not working
        Version : tested with empathy version 2.34;
        OS      : Both Ubuntu 11.04 and Meego 1.2 same issue;
        telepathy-farsight version : 0.0.16
        gstfarsight : 0.0.26
        libnice : 0.1.0

        Summary : VOIP calls not working , Shows status as "Connecting" and
        Usecase : Call from empathy gtalk account to another google contact.

        Same was working fine with Ubuntu 10.10 . all the required gstreamer
        are installed. Please provide some hints.

        attached log shows some warnings from libnice ; Is there any hints
        attached nice log ?

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