[Nice] New Open Source STUN Server published

John Selbie jselbie at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 02:38:30 PDT 2011

Greetings Nice community,

As part of an independent P2P and Nat traversal project, I have
completed a STUN server and client code base (in C++). It is Open
Source under the Apache license. While a STUN server may be less
relevant compared to TURN for NAT traversal solutions, it definitely
fills a gap in my project. As such, it made sense for me to turn it
into production code and release it.

The code is presently hosted on GitHub. While I'm working on a formal
project hosting web page, the code can be downloaded from the link
below.  Compiles on recent Linux distros and other Unix flavors
(MacOSX) with gcc/g++.


I plan to do a few updates to this code base and then move to the
client side coding of my project (for which libnice is being evaluated
for). I would be delighted to get feedback from anyone interested.
Developers interested in contributing are also welcome.

John Selbie

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