[Nice] Is libnice suitable for remote control?

Аскар Сафин safinaskar at mail.ru
Wed Feb 29 15:13:03 PST 2012

Hi, I have a problem: there is a computer A and a computer B. And I want A to remoute control B via something like ssh. But A may use private IP address and B may use, too. (Of course, NATs are not mine, so I cannot configure it or cannot use direct connection, Internet providers gives to us this NATs)
Is there a solution? Is there complete program to do this? (I mean free software. There is non-free Hamachi and Teamviewer)
Or I need to write such program myself?
If there is no complete program, WHY?
This is a very actual problem, so (I think) there must be such program.
How typical users or companies solves this problems usually? Do they use proprietary solutions? Or they buy public IP addresses? Or they uses some own middle server with public IP?

Is there program for TCP/UDP connection between two hosts which can have private IP address? Something like netcat?
If there is something like netcat, I will make simple dummy insecure remote control scripts:

Server script:
mkfifo fifo
nc -l ... < fifo | sh > fifo

Client script:
nc ...

Is it good idea to use STUN/TURN/ICE protocols? Is it good idea to use libnice? Or STUN/TURN/ICE/libnice suitable only for media/VoIP/IM/signal/game applications?

I think remote controlling has TCP nature (not UDP).

Is it possible to create SSH tunnel over ICE?

I know that if I use ICE I need to send two initial messages via some alternative protocol. This is not problem for me

Askar Safin

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