[Nice] libnice and pseudo tcp

Eduardo Bezerra kdubezerra at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 13:41:25 PST 2012

Hi there,

I was googling and found about libnice to write my application, which seems
to suit all my needs! The problem is that the algorithm I'm implementing
depends on having fifo, reliable channels... So, I have a few questions:

- does the pseudotcp communication implemented in libnice ensure both
deliver *and* FIFO order?
- does it implement flow-control, as ordinary tcp?
- do you have some test results regarding both message delivery delay and
maximum throughput of pseudotcp, when compared to tcp?
- what about the maximum size of a message? I know that udp has a lower cap
for the length of a packet than what you can send by tcp with one single
call to write(). do you handle some fragmentation and reassembly in
- I do not intend to use a relay 3rd-party for communication... if two
peers cannot communicate directly, then the application just returns an
error. Can I use libnice in such way?
- do you plan on including nat-pmp in libnice?

Sorry for all those questions, but I'm wondering if I should go for using
upnp+natpmp+stun+libutp or simply go for libnice and let it handle all the
dirty work :)

Thanks a lot!

Eduardo Bezerra

PhD Student at the Faculty of Informatics - USI
Doutorando em Ciência da Computação - UFRGS
Mestre em Ciência da Computação - UFRGS
Bacharel em Ciência da Computação - UFBA
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