[Nice] Sending data but not receiving the last part.

Andrés Suero kaneda.uy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 19:09:34 PDT 2012

I'm having problems with the send of a file, I get almost all the file
(~185KB), but at the end I don receive the last part,
I'm using a reliable agent to transfer the file, the sender send all the
pieces, but the receiver don't get the last part, can it be because I have
some info in some buffer in the agent that I need to flush (in this case,
how I do the flush) or may be because other issue?

void cb_nice_recv (NiceAgent * agent, guint stream_id, guint component_id,
guint len, gchar * buf, gpointer user_data) {
  signal_data *dta = (signal_data *) user_data;
  GError *error = NULL;
  gsize bytes_written;
  int sent=0;
  GIOStatus status;
    status=g_io_channel_write_chars(dta->channel, buf+sent, len,
&bytes_written, &error);
    if ((status== G_IO_STATUS_NORMAL) && (len>0) && (bytes_written>0)){

  }while((status== G_IO_STATUS_NORMAL) && (len>0) && (bytes_written>0));
  if (status!= G_IO_STATUS_NORMAL)
    printf("status distinct of G_IO_STATUS_NORMAL\n");

We receive all the info and sent it to the channel, but the las info is not

We are doing an unref ("g_object_unref(data->agent);") of the agent in the
sender, but the agent in the receiver side don't change state,

Thanks in advance,
Andrés and Federico
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