[libnice] Pseudotcp performance (with focus on Windows)

Olivier Crête olivier.crete at collabora.com
Fri Aug 22 14:42:48 PDT 2014


Filed a bug about this:

On 20/08/14 09:33 AM, Radosław Kołodziejczyk wrote:
> Our test programs are made of our libraries wrapped around libnice so it
> would
> not be easy to send this for you to test. We did, however, discover
> something
> new that should make it easier to investigate. As we were preparing a
> test that we could send you to verify the problem we noticed that when
> the program
> consists only of client and server, when client's only job is to send
> data which
> server receives and dumps, the transfer is actually really good.
> Comparable with
> TCP even (on some machines, some still have speed issue, but not that
> great). However, when you add a case where server behaves as a echo machine
> (not even that - it suffices for server to respond with even small 4B
> packets)
> the transfer goes down by great amount. These are our observations on
> our most
> problematic machine:
> Program specs:
> CLIENT    - sends 32 kB in loop
> SERVER - receives the message, ignores it.
> Average transfer: ~1MB
> Program specs:
> CLIENT - sends 32 kB in loop
>              - waits for 4B response.
> SERVER - receives 32 kB message
>                - sends 4B response.
> Average transfer: 10-70 KB/s
> All of this is done on localhost so even the first transfer is not that
> spectacular, but
> it's much, much better than what we have with the two-side sending. So
> maybe that
> could be some clue.

Olivier Crête
olivier.crete at collabora.com

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