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It will mainly depend on the type of NAT you are behind, some will simply
block incoming traffic from an IP they never sent to before, while some
will create a different port mapping for each destination. Basically, look
at the types of NAT from here :
and see the difference between the full cone, the symmetric nat and the
restricted nats..
In the case of port-restricted or symmetric nats, ICE would not work IF
both peers are behind a symmetric or port-restricted NAT. Otherwise, A
can't send to B, but B can send to A, which causes A to discover a remote
peer-reflexive candidate and a new ICE check happens on a new candidate
pair which would then allow A to send to B.

I hope this helps,

On Sat, Dec 6, 2014 at 7:51 AM, <fb111 at web.de> wrote:

> I would like to understand the following part out of the ICE RFC:
> "The second property is important for getting ICE to work when there
>    are NATs in front of L and R.  Frequently, NATs will not allow
>    packets in from a host until the agent behind the NAT has sent a
>    packet towards that host.  Consequently, ICE checks in each direction
>    will not succeed until both sides have sent a check through their
>    respective NATs."
> As far as I understand it, it says that even if your have discovered the
> server reflexive candidates from your signaling server of agent A and B
> after having sent the STUN requests/ answers, the two agents A and B can
> not communicate with each other because the NAT IP and port of the
> reflexive address is binded to the STUN servers IP address.
> and now this is my question: how are the two agents A and B are able to
> get a NAT IP & port binding for a communications between A and B directly?
> Do I understand the RFC correctly that A and B send "checks" to the agents
> A respectivley B NAT IP adress? How do A and B find out ech others port
> address so that they can communicate directly?
> Thanks!
> Frank
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