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Максим Ерёменко maksyarik at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 08:46:20 PST 2014

Hell everybody.
I'll try to make it short.
Trying to use libnice in win32 app + chromium embeded. (CEF)
CEF is kind of webkit, it runs few processes (browser process, page
renderer process) and some threads in them.
I got all libnice bindings and initializations and gmainloop running in

Not using those mutex locks as in sdp-example, instead all parsing and
recieving work is accomplished in connected functions like
cb_candidate_gathering_done (like in simple-example, instead of sending
signals from those functions to thread function and make some work there as
in sdp-example).
In those functions i'm waiting for data recieved (candidates or text
messages) through while loop, that looks for data appearing in string
variable (data to this variable sent from renderer CEF process to browser
CEF process i.e main win32 process, through simple CEF IPC as soon as user
put it in field).

Problem: when i parse string from sdp-example cmd app to my app - it waorks
fine, connecting and sending messages to cmd. When i try to parse string
from my app to cmd i got state change failed on connection.

Here's the code, only main cpp and h, there is some CEF handlers, but they
only send some bool and string data through IPC between processes to parse
it in Nice:

At first I was trying to use kind of simple-example without gthread just in
winmain, I thought that CEF threads, that I got no controll after, messing
something up, but now, when everything in Gthread - I don't know what is

Not so short, but hope You can give me some useful advise.
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