[libnice] STUN in NiceAgent

FerrenLiu ferrenliu at 163.com
Sun Jul 20 05:24:50 PDT 2014

I have a STUN/TURN server in litral.com (use restund project).
When I ran simple-example 0 $(host -4 -t A litral.com | awk '{ print $4 
}'), I can't got the server reflective address whit the error "STUN 
demux error: no FINGERPRINT attribute!"
So I trace the UDP package with Wireshark. It shows that libnice send 
UDP package with protocol "CLASSIC-STUN" and restund response "STUN".

I look into the libnice source code and find that
stun_agent_init (&cdisco->stun_agent, STUN_ALL_KNOWN_ATTRIBUTES,
       (agent->compatibility == NICE_COMPATIBILITY_OC2007 ||
        agent->compatibility == NICE_COMPATIBILITY_OC2007R2) ?

Why libnice hardcopy RFC3489 in here? How to change it to RFC5389?

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> Who can show me a Psedo TCP example? I don't know how to use it.
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