[Nice] Received unexpected message both before and after component state ready

Jianbin Kang kjbmail at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 07:40:26 PDT 2014

Hello, All

I used nice examples/simple-example.c to test ice, but found that
'cb_nice_recv' was called both before and after NICE_COMPONENT_STATE_READY.
I changed the function 'cb_nice_recv' to print the length of received data,
like this:

  printf("****Recv(%u): %.*s", len, len, buf);

And during candidate allocating, cb_nice_recv was called with 32 bytes of
     01 01 00 0c 7c f4 b8 25 a2 68 67 2a 87 fe 06 8f 59 3c 2f 2b 00 01 00
08 00 01 40 04 3c 08 75 49

After state ready, cb_nice_recv was called with the another 32 bytes. The
first four bytes was same (01 01 00 0c)

The stun server I used was: stun.l.google.com:19302
stunserver.org has the same problem too, but the length of data was 88

Is this a bug or just something I misunderstand?

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