[libnice] Is this scenario solvable?

Scott Richmond s.t.richmond at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 17:14:11 PDT 2014


I'm not entirely sure I have my head fully wrapped around the abilities of
libnice. I'd like to explain my scenario and get some feedback from you
guys in what if anything can be done to solve it.

The Problem:
I'm developing a video game with multiplayer capabilities. Players can host
their own servers from their own PCs and allow other players to join. Up to
3 other players can join a server for a total of 4 players.
We use UDP as the transport protocol.
The obvious problem is NAT traversal. We've solved this to some extent with
UPnP, but its not highly successful.

Can this be solved with UDP STUN? For the most part I understand STUN but
I'm struggling to figure out how it might work outside of 1 players joining
a server as our current server architecture can only listen on 1 UDP port.
If a 2nd player tries to join, the STUN process will inevitably require a
second UDP port for the server to listen on wouldn't it?

Scott Richmond.
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