[libnice] I could use some pointers for pseudo tcp usage

Curieux Tres trescurieux at yahoo.fr
Wed Oct 15 06:18:44 PDT 2014

Replying to myself  in case someone has the same issues : Dont use example_sdp as starting point for reliable, use simple_example, it works fine


Le Mercredi 15 octobre 2014 7h53, Curieux Tres <trescurieux at yahoo.fr> a écrit :

I'm trying to do a small test program with libnice, but i'm failing on a couple of topics and could use some pointers.
I'm mostly interested in pseudotcp behaviour

1- pseudotcp sub lib : From my understanding, this is a standalone part to add reliability/in order delivery to already existing code that is udp like
Normally the agent_reliable deals with it internally, and you dont have to deal directly with pseudotcp sublib. Is that correct ?

2-  The sdp_example works fine, and i could sort of port it to my test program. But when i try to use pseudo tcp model by just changing
nice_agent_new to nice_agent_new_reliable it does not work well. It is as if one of the agent is in pseudotcp mode and the other one is in udp mode i.E. i'm receving very short message that seems to be pseudotcp internal messaging (SYN and stuff). It fails pretty quickly.
So a couple of questions :
        * Is using nice_agent_new_reliable enough to switch to pseudo tcp mode ? are there any extra steps compared to udp mode ?
          when playing with the pseudotcp standalone sublib, there are a extra connect step from one of the agent, is it done automatically ?
        * If it is not enough, is there a short sample somewhere with pseudo tcp mode ? For refernce, the simple_sdp one is perfect, it's short and easy to understand.

Thanks in advance

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