[libnice] bug fix pseudo tcp session close not signalled to other peer

Klaus Kranz klaus.kranz at access-company.com
Wed Oct 29 04:06:13 PDT 2014

when calling nice_agent_remove_stream() a WARNING message can be observed
“failed to send pseudo-TCP packet from agent as no pair has been selected
yet”, which originates from agent.c  pseudo_tcp_socket_write_packet().

This prevents signaling session close to the other peer.

It was found that in component.c component_close() candidates are remove
before calling pseudo_tcp_socket_close().

Moving calling pseudo_tcp_socket_close() to the beginning of that function
solves that issue.

I hope one can crosscheck and confirm the fix method.


*Klaus Kranz *| Chief Technology Officer
ACCESS Europe GmbH
Essener Straße 5
46047 Oberhausen, Germany
E-Mail: klaus.kranz at access-company.com

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