[libnice] sometimes connectivity checks fail...

Jack Wang antirazin at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 05:20:57 PST 2015

Hi, everyone

For several media channels (ex: audio,video etc.),
I create ICE agents for each of them,
and each channel I used a fixed port which is a fixed RTP port.

Then after I did a SIP call to exchange the ICE SDP with the callee,
I found the one who sent the offer often failed on negotiation on some
channels (not the same ones every time),
while the answer one is always OK.
And if failed on the first time, it will always fail in the following calls.

The Offer one is behind a symmetric NAT, and the Answer one is on WAN.
I trace the log and found the failed(for negotiation) ones always discover
the prflx candidate very late, and cannot be READY state in the end.

I cannot figure out why this happens,
does it is related to the NAT policy for port forwarding??

Thanks in advance :)
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