[libnice] STUN binding requests being rejected by ChromeOS

Ishan Mandrekar ishan.mandrekar at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 08:39:10 PDT 2015

> All,
> I'm testing interoperability between a webrtc implementation using
> libnice against that of Google ChromeOS (version: 45.0.2454.98
> channel: stable) running on an Asus Chromebook. The STUN Binding
> Requests sent by libnice do not result in corresponding Binding
> Success Responses by ChromeOS. I can confirm via packet capture that
> the STUN requests do reach the Chromebook but there are no responses
> generated. Any thoughts on what could be going wrong? Interestingly,
> the STUN mechanism works perfectly with the latest Chrome browser
> running on Windows or Mac.
> I'm running release 0.1.13 of libnice.
> Thanks,
> -Ishan.

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