[libnice] why state quickly changes from "ready" to not "ready"

tom chen chentom60 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 23 21:36:48 PDT 2015


I am wondering why during the negotiation, component status can change from "ready" to not "ready"? See the log below, RTP becomes "ready" first but becomes "connecting" during the RTCP negotiation. 


108191.041128691|INFOR|1095730272|cb_component_state_changed|347|agent_state 2 4  (RTP state is 2 - "connecting", RTCP is 4  -- "ready")


Any idea why?




108191.025514051|INFOR|1074003968|wait_for_negotiation_done|408|waiting for state READY or FAILED signal...

108191.025772171|INFOR|1104594016|StartSub|270|remote candidate-gathering-done signal received...

108191.033667811|INFOR|1095730272|cb_component_state_changed|326|SIGNAL: state changed stream 1 RTP connected[3]

108191.033801851|INFOR|1095730272|cb_component_state_changed|326|SIGNAL: state changed stream 1 RTP ready[4]



RTP negotiation complete: local: []:54070, remote: []:14287

108191.033936531|INFOR|1095730272|cb_component_state_changed|347|agent_state 4 1

108191.035725771|INFOR|1104594016|cb_component_state_changed|326|SIGNAL: state changed stream 1 RTP connecting[2]

108191.037519371|INFOR|1104594016|cb_component_state_changed|326|SIGNAL: state changed stream 1 RTCP connecting[2]



remote candidate parsed successfully...

108191.037671491|INFOR|1104594016|wait_for_negotiation_done|408|waiting for state READY or FAILED signal...

108191.040931491|INFOR|1095730272|cb_component_state_changed|326|SIGNAL: state changed stream 1 RTCP connected[3]

108191.041038411|INFOR|1095730272|cb_component_state_changed|326|SIGNAL: state changed stream 1 RTCP ready[4]



RTCP negotiation complete: local: []:50792, remote: []:14287

108191.041128691|INFOR|1095730272|cb_component_state_changed|347|agent_state 2 4


void cb_component_state_changed(NiceAgent *agent, guint _stream_id,

        guint component_id, guint state,

        gpointer data)



    LOG(TRACE_LEVEL_INFO, "SIGNAL: state changed stream %d %s %s[%d]\n",

            _stream_id, (component_id == NICE_COMPONENT_TYPE_RTP)?"RTP":"RTCP",

            state_name[state], state);


    agent_state[component_id - 1] = state;

    if (state == NICE_COMPONENT_STATE_READY) {

        NiceCandidate *local, *remote;


        // Get current selected candidate pair and print IP address used

        if (nice_agent_get_selected_pair (agent, _stream_id, component_id,

                &local, &remote)) {

            gchar local_ipaddr[INET6_ADDRSTRLEN];

            gchar remote_ipaddr[INET6_ADDRSTRLEN];


            nice_address_to_string(&local->addr, local_ipaddr);

            nice_address_to_string(&remote->addr, remote_ipaddr);


            LOG(TRACE_LEVEL_INFO, "\n\n%s negotiation complete: local: [%s]:%d, remote: [%s]:%d\n",

                    (component_id == NICE_COMPONENT_TYPE_RTP)?"RTP":"RTCP",

                    local_ipaddr, nice_address_get_port(&local->addr),

                    remote_ipaddr, nice_address_get_port(&remote->addr));



        LOG(TRACE_LEVEL_INFO, "agent_state %d %d\n",agent_state[0], agent_state[1]);


        //If both RTP & RTCP components are ready

        if ((agent_state[0] == NICE_COMPONENT_STATE_READY) &&

                (agent_state[1]==NICE_COMPONENT_STATE_READY)) {

. . . . . 

            LOG(TRACE_LEVEL_INFO, "\n\n negotiation done \n");


    } else if (state == NICE_COMPONENT_STATE_FAILED) {

        LOG(TRACE_LEVEL_WARNING, "%s connection failed, stop sub thread\n", __func__);




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