[libnice] Fwd: libnice build on VS2010 & VS2012 error

Philip Withnall philip.withnall at collabora.co.uk
Fri Apr 29 15:39:30 UTC 2016

Hi Peggy,

As the error message from the list said, you need to be a member of the
mailing list to post to it. You can register here:


As for your question, it looks like you are missing the include path
for GLib in your compilation. You should probably look more closely at
step #2 in README.win32 — but I haven’t got a Windows machine so I
can’t test this for you, and the instructions are likely out of date.

I know there are others who have built libnice on Windows recently, so
hopefully they will reply on the mailing list.


On Tue, 2016-04-26 at 17:58 +0800, Peggy Guo wrote:
> Hi David & Philip
>  I had send email to the mail list,  but it couldn't success, 
> I believe you guys are expert on that, could you please help to look
> at my questions?
> thanks
> I used the libnice version libnice-0.1.13 , which follow the
> readme.win32 to build libnice on windows, couldn't successful
> regards
> Peggy
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> Subject: libnice build on VS2010 & VS2012 error
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> Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 15:00:47 +0800
> Subject: libnice build on VS2010 & VS2012 error
> Hi Dear,
> following  the  steps in README.win32 in the libnice release
> tarballs, I try to build libnice in visual studio 2010 and version
> 2012, get lots of errors like below:
> >c:\libnice\agent\component.h(162): error C2079: 'io_mutex' uses
> undefined struct '_GMutex'
> >c:\libnice\agent\component.c(843): error C2065: 'G_SOURCE_REMOVE' :
> undeclared identifier
> >c:\libnice\agent\component.c(982): error C2065: 'agent' : undeclared
> identifier
> >c:\libnice\agent\component.c(983): error C2275: 'Component' :
> illegal use of this type as an expression
> I don't know how to solve that errors? could anyone help on this?
> I find an email about this topic, seems this problem didn't solved,is
> there any update on this?
> Hi,
> Thanks Emanuelle for handling that question.
> Someone tried to compile libnice on windows a few months ago and
> found a
> few issues (similar to yours if i remember correctly) and we helped
> him
> over IRC, he said he'd send us patches once it's working, but I
> haven't
> seen him since. Libnice is still maintained but we're mostly working
> on
> Linux, we hope the community will send us patches for win32 support.
> Historically if you look at the commit log, the win32 related commits
> were
> contributions from users of the library. I just don't have much
> experience
> compiling on Windows, sorry.
> Emanuele, about your TURN issues, can you try the latest git master,
> there's a couple of commits related to TURN that were commited in the
> past
> few days, maybe it helps.
> Thanks,
> Youness.
> regards
> Peggy
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