[libnice] multiple "new-selected-pair-full" calls and weird extra 7 bytes in receive callbacks

Egor O. Ivanov ieo at tomsksoft.com
Wed Jan 13 08:05:33 PST 2016


Today I tried to run a few examples on my linux machine and found that this example (https://github.com/libnice/libnice/blob/master/examples/sdp-example.c) does not work - I do receive extra bytes I do not send.
In contrast, this example (https://github.com/libnice/libnice/blob/master/examples/threaded-example.c) does work.
Comparing them I decided to replace nice_agent_generate_local_sdp()/nice_agent_parse_remote_sdp() from not working examples with manual sdp handling (like in the 2nd example that works)
and libnice started to work on Android with the latter approach.
So looks like there is a bug with nice_agent_generate_local_sdp()/nice_agent_parse_remote_sdp() on linux/android.
My colleague faced the same issue.
Steps to reproduce:
1. sudo apt-get install libnice* (on ubuntu/mint/debian 64bits)
2. compile and run sdp-example.c as described in its doc
3. you will receive extra 32 bytes of data
4. I was able to reproduce it with more fresh libnice 0.1.13 

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Subject: [libnice] multiple "new-selected-pair-full" calls and weird extra 7 bytes in receive callbacks


I'm using libnice on ios and android. The code is the same on both and
on iOS it worls perfectly, but fails on Android.
I do receive multiple "new-selected-pair-full" calls with correct 1st
pair and wrong 2nd and 3rd.

  selected pair 1 : 1
  selected pair 3 : remote-1
  selected pair 8 : 3

The problem is that periodically I do receive weird 7 bytes in my
receive callback.
I tried different versions 0.1.10 and 0.1.13, but no luck.

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