[libnice] Inquiry re: commit 1ab9d7c104, “conncheck: Separate valid and succeeded states"

Chad Phillips chad at apartmentlines.com
Mon Apr 10 17:39:22 UTC 2017

On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 9:42 AM, Lorenzo Miniero <lminiero at gmail.com> wrote:

Not sure whether Chad has a different NAT configuration and yet the same
> problem: if srflx should work for him, for instance, but it doesn't and the
> prflx issue is breaking it for him, it may be an indication we're doing
> something wrong with the management of remote candidates (but why did it
> work so far then?).

I’ve looked at several dumps of Chrome WebRTC connections between Janus and
various users of my system, and they all seem to be using srvflx candidates
to complete their ICE connectivity, so I don’t believe I’m running into the
same exact issue you’re seeing.
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