[libnice] IPV4<->IPV6 and IPV6<->IPV4 TURN relay

Misko Dzamba misko at petbot.com
Mon Feb 13 03:09:06 UTC 2017

I am trying to get IPV4<->IPV6 TURN support working. I thought this
should be possible, but I am having a serious problem with the
following lines in conncheck.c (conn_check_add_for_candidate_pair)

 /* note: match pairs only if transport and address family are the
same */  if (local->transport == conn_check_match_transport
(remote->transport) &&     local->addr.s.addr.sa_family ==
remote->addr.s.addr.sa_family) {
priv_conn_check_add_for_candidate_pair_matched (agent, stream_id,
component,        local, remote, NICE_CHECK_FROZEN);    ret = TRUE;  }

Does anyone know if this is correct? and if it is correct then any
ideas as how to negotiate IPV4<->IPV6 TURN relay?

Thank you!,


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