[libnice] libnice and Google chrome

Patrick Regnouf patrick at patricknet.net
Mon Oct 29 20:19:58 UTC 2018

Hi,  New to the mailing list so pologies iof the question has been
answered before.

I am writing an RTP relay and am stumbling upon a problem.

Based on the threaded example I have written the part of the software
that uses a STUN server to connect to a javascript running in chrome.

Basically this is what happens on my software side:

waiting for state READY or FAILED signal...SIGNAL: state changed 1 1
State is now connected
SIGNAL: state changed 1 1 ready[4]
State is now ready

so cleary libnice is firing my callback stating that the connection is
firmly established

wireshark is showing binding indication packet

but and that is the stumper

Here is the log from chrome in webrtc internals:

Time    Event
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    setRemoteDescription
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    signalingstatechange
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    receiverAdded
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    setRemoteDescriptionOnSuccess
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    createAnswer
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    createAnswerOnSuccess
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    setLocalDescription
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    iceconnectionstatechange
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    signalingstatechange
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    setLocalDescriptionOnSuccess
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    icegatheringstatechange
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    icecandidate (host)
29/10/2018, 19:59:11    icegatheringstatechange

the iceconnectionstatechange with the firm connection is never fired.
which means that chrome never detected the estblished connection after
the last trickle whereas my program does.

The last iceconnectionstatechange fired in chrome is "checking"

how do i go about debugging that ???

Any help truly appreciated


patrick at patricknet.net

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