[libnice] How can I know that components on both peers are in the NICE_COMPONENT_STATE_READY

Michal Sledz michal.sledz at swmansion.com
Fri Oct 16 11:26:28 UTC 2020

how can I know that components on both peers are in the
NICE_COMPONENT_STATE_READY. I mean is it possible that the local component
changed its state to NICE_COMPONENT_STATE_REDY (i.e. it's ready to send and
receive messages) and the remote one is still e.g. in

I am reading RFC 8445 and I really don't know. Example section shows that
this isn't possible but from earlier chapters I think we can deduce that it

What is more I am almost sure that if we use aggressive nomination it is
possible that local component can be in READY state while the remote one

I just want to perform DTLS handshake after establishing connection with
ICE and I am not sure when to start sending packets to the remote peer so
that it can respond to them. If I send them too early when the remote peer
is not in the READY state yet it will not be able to send any response.

Thanks in advance
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