[libnice] TRANSITION(CONNECTING, GATHERING) in agent.c/agent_signal_component_state_change

Graham Hazel graham.hazel at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 13:00:55 UTC 2021


I'm running the Janus WebRTC Server to handle some video transport and on
several occasions have observed an assertion firing in libnice
(agent/agent.c, line 2573) during an ICE restart.

It appears likely that adding TRANSITION(CONNECTING, GATHERING) to the list
of valid state changes in the assert statement "fixes" the issue.

Now, I fully admit both (a) I'm probably doing "something weird" in my
setup to hit this case surprisingly often; and (b) I have very little idea
what any of the libnice code is doing. So my very naive question is: is
this actually a valid transition that's missing from the assertion, or is
something bad happening that I'm now ignoring?

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