[Nouveau] NV43 + PPC64 = :(

Ian Romanick idr at us.ibm.com
Fri Jul 13 11:05:39 PDT 2007

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I've been trying to get nouveau working on a Geforce 6600LE in a
dual-core G5 PowerMac system.  For various reasons, it's not working.

The first problem I encountered was the lack of virt_to_bus on 64-bit
PPC.  After talking to benh on IRC, I created the attached patch.
nouveau.ko can at least load on PPC64 now. :)

However, during X-server start up, the system hard-locks.  Since Apple
systems don't have a reset button (sigh...), I have to power-cycle the
machine.  I cannot ssh into the machine, and it's not pingable.  It's
really toast.  I've attached a log with DRM debug messages.  The bits
about "iommu_alloc failed" seem suspicious to me.

I don't have another system with an Nvidia card to test.  I'd appreciate
it if someone could test this patch on x86 or x86-64 and report results
back.  I'd like to determine if the patch is broken, just broken on
PPC64, or if something else is broken.

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