[Nouveau] geforce 4 mx + 2.6.22 problem

Pietro Capriata kpietro at yahoo.it
Sun Oct 7 15:23:21 PDT 2007

and put this message

DMA queque hang: dmaPut=1ffb, current=0, status=0

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Inviato: Lunedì 8 ottobre 2007, 0:15:56
Oggetto: Re: [Nouveau] geforce 4 mx + 2.6.22 problem

On 10/8/07, Pietro Capriata <kpietro at yahoo.it> wrote: Hello
i have an Imac g4 flat panel 1ghz with geforce 4mx , ubuntu gutsy and a 2.6.22 kernel .

I have tried nouveau, but i have some problem. I post also my log ...



 We also need to see the matching kernel log...


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