[Nouveau] A few patches for ng

Maarten Maathuis madman2003 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 12:25:54 PST 2008

The first patch (for drm) fixes a very annoying bug for nv50 gart. The
2nd is just a few cleanups in libnouveau_drm.

I also pushed a few changes to the ng ddx, and I'm at the moment
thinking on how to deal with the issue of nv50.

We are no longer garuanteed that pixmaps are really migrated upon
mapping, so that is the first thing to do. Probably a good idea to
begin with making the bo copy stuff in kernel functional with tiled
memory. Then the simple start would be to copy the bo upon map and and
copy back upon unmap, the downside of this is a syncing requirement
(the tiled copy musn't be accessed at the same time). Another attempt
would to be finally try that wfb stuff in xorg and get that going. And
i have some more ideas floating around. Anyway, i'll have some more
stuff ready once you (darktama) are done moving.

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