[Nouveau] [Bug 16231] Xv vsync and backing store don't mix in new Xorg

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Mon Jun 23 12:48:25 PDT 2008


--- Comment #9 from Pierre Ossman <drzeus-bugzilla at drzeus.cx>  2008-06-23 12:48:25 PST ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> I'm completely at a loss to understand why a) mplayer needs backing store at
> all, b) how it manages to interact with vsync.  It's not like you ever had
> control over when drawing happened in X relative to vsync...

a) If I'd guess, I'd say it was a quick way to avoid having to deal with
keeping the color key updated, and it has worked just fine up til now.

b) As Maarten said, the rendering (specifically, the PutImage operations) is
stalled until vsync blanking, but only if the target Xv window is on screen.
The new backing store code moved the window off screen.

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