[Nouveau] [Bug 24996] Wrong display resolution in X, "windowed" console. FX 5600 XT

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Sun Dec 20 03:43:16 PST 2009


--- Comment #22 from ashtophet <galiza.ceive at gmail.com>  2009-12-20 03:43:14 PST ---
I'm just a plain user, no devel knowledge, so sorry if it's a stupid proposal,
wouldn't it be possible, as a workaround, to make this TV-out thingy optional,
either config time or load time?

I'm using kernel 2.6.33-rc1 (nv43), was suffering from the issue described here
(I need proper resolution on fb), and simply commenting a few lines on
nv04_display.c (OUTPUT_TV in case statements) made it work as I'm expecting. I
know it's not a solution, I know it doesn't help the nouveau driver effort, but
I'm not using TV-out (I've just used it once in eight yeras, just for the sake
of trying...), I don't want to use it, I cannot contribute a MMIO dump (no TV
here :P)... 

Thanks to you developers for hard working on nouveau!

Sorry for disturbing...

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