[Nouveau] [Bug 20006] powerpc64: Black screen using RandR12

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--- Comment #42 from bmaass <bmaass at math.uni-bremen.de>  2009-02-27 12:38:05 PST ---
(In reply to comment #41)
> Interesting, what resolution does OSX let you have on that connector (assuming
> you've got OSX installed)?
> You can allow dual-link modes on that connector in nouveau by editing
> nv_output_mode_valid() in nv_output.c; a simple change being to replace the
> MODE_CLOCK_HIGH after the (mode->Clock > 165000) test with MODE_OK, but I've no
> idea whether that would work :-)

Sorry this took so long, I needed to get hold of a copy of OSX. As anticipated,
OSX would only drive the panel at 1920x1200 on DVI-I-1 (just like nouveau in
non-randr12 mode).

However, with the change you proposed, nouveau will do dual-link on the second
connector without complaining.

What is this? Did Apple cripple a dual-dual-link card so the could sell more
high-end cards instead? Or might this break down if I tried to drive two
dual-link displays simultaneously?

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