[Nouveau] [Bug 16792] modesetting on NV86: cannot allocate framebuffer

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Hervé Cauwelier <debian at oursours.net> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|modesetting on NV86: text   |modesetting on NV86: cannot
                   |mode goes blank, machine    |allocate framebuffer
                   |freeze on gdm stop          |

--- Comment #9 from Hervé Cauwelier <debian at oursours.net>  2009-03-18 15:50:41 PST ---
I installed nouveau master, drm modesetting-gem and rebooted.

I modprobed drm, then nouveau with "modeset=1", the screen went black, like
when X start, then the console came back but at panel native resolution.

I then started GDM but X gave the error I attach.

I then tried to remove the nouveau module but it said it was busy, though
"lsmod" told no other module was using it.

I forgot to save "dmesg" before reboot. It contained many information about the
DRM. Do you need it?

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