[Nouveau] Bugs in nouveau_channel_alloc()

Shinpei KATO shinpei at il.is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Fri Feb 12 16:15:20 PST 2010

Hi all,

I have just started using Nouveau, with Fedora 12.
I downloaded the source from the Nouveau kernel repository, and built it by
following the instructions in the Nouveau Wiki page.
The new Linux kernel with Nouveau seems to work without any problems, but I
found some error messages in the kernel log.
The attached file contains the kernel messages related to the Nouveau DRM,
which I copied and pasted from the original kernel log.

To my understanding, two errors occured when the nouveau_channel_alloc()
function is called.
In particular, the first one occured when modprobe is done, and the second
one did when Xorg is launched.
I am not sure if these errors are actually "BUGs" or not.
Wish someone gives me some advice for them.

I am using the GeForce 9500 GT card installed on the DELL T5500 machine
(X86-64 eight-core).
Please tell me if I need to give more information to get answers.

Best regards,
- Shinpei
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