[Nouveau] [Bug 26521] Bug in kernel module - ttm_bo_pci_offset

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Wed Feb 17 01:39:08 PST 2010


--- Comment #4 from Alexander <alex.vizor at gmail.com>  2010-02-17 01:39:07 PST ---
About full debugging kernel in last post, I compiled kernel with:
- Compile the kernel with debug info
- Compile the kernel with frame pointers
from "Kernel hacking" section in menuconfig.

Before 2.6.33-rcX I used nvidia blob and it always works good with suspend to
ram and never resume from suspend to disk. I didn't use nouveau before
2.6.33-rcX so I can't say worked it or not for me earlier.

Starting from 2.6.33-rcX I'm using nouveau included in kernel. And I have some
troubles with suspending and resuming (with both to ram and to disk). 

About suspend to disk - I tested it as described in kernel documentation
immediately after system start without X and with it, with different debug
option and all worked just well. Then I worked for an hour and tried to to
suspend to disk and laptop hanged up. I'm using KDE with effects through
XRender may be this can affect.

About suspend to ram - I don't know how to reproduce this bug, it appears
randomly, ones ten, and actually that is all I can say about it the rest in
kernel log :)

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