[Nouveau] nouveau kms causing hibernation problems

Anders Eriksson aeriksson at fastmail.fm
Fri Feb 19 02:25:49 PST 2010

I have an old machine with working hibernation (pm-hibernate). I replaced the 
graphics card with an NV05 one and now it fails to hibernate when using 
modesetting. nouveau.modeset=0 works fine.

What happens is that very early in the process the display looses signal, and 
the expected disk activity never happens (no led flashing). Then the machine 
just hangs. I suspect that the progress information shown on the VGA console 
in modeset=0 has issues with the framebuffer, and it crashes there.

On the other hand, googling for this gives me nothing, so I guess others have 
this working fine.

Any ideas how to debug this? 

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