[Nouveau] nouveau on xen, almost there

Arvind R arvino55 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 10:11:39 PST 2010

Hi all,
I backported nouveau-git20100222 to pv_ops by replacing the whole
drm-tree and includes. Just needed a minor fix in drm_sysfs.c to compile.

nouveau works fine with 2D acceleration enabled when booted without xen.
Even nouveau-dri works!

But when booted on Xen, X hangs if Accel enabled
Works fine with Option NoAccel True in xorg.conf.
Found to be stuck in nv_accel_common_init.

Call traced in xf86-nouveau:
in nv_accel_common.c;
  NVAccelInit2D_NV50(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn)
    nouveau_grobj_alloc(chan, Nv2D, NV50_2D,&pNv->Nv2D) finishes.
    BEGIN_RING(chan, eng2d, NV50_2D_DMA_NOTIFY, 3) hangs.

system with blank screen. Can connect with ssh. Card is GeForce 9400 GT
with 1Gb vram.

debug trace tail from syslog:
kernel: [drm] nouveau 0000:06:00.0: nouveau_ramht_insert:141 - insert ch2
0x000000c0: h=0xd8000003, c=0x00000e0a
kernel: [drm:drm_ioctl], pid=6225, cmd=0x400c6444, nr=0x44, dev 0xe200,
kernel: [drm] nouveau 0000:06:00.0: nouveau_gpuobj_gr_new:840 - ch2
kernel: [drm] nouveau 0000:06:00.0: nouveau_gpuobj_new:216 - ch2 size=24
align=16 flags=0x00000006
kernel: [drm] nouveau 0000:06:00.0: nouveau_gpuobj_new:224 - gpuobj
kernel: [drm] nouveau 0000:06:00.0: nouveau_gpuobj_new:237 - private heap
kernel: [drm] nouveau 0000:06:00.0: nouveau_gpuobj_ref_add:457 - ch2
h=0x80000020 gpuobj=ffff880006a90140
kernel: [drm] nouveau 0000:06:00.0: nouveau_ramht_hash_handle:75 - ch2
kernel: [drm] nouveau 0000:06:00.0: nouveau_ramht_hash_handle:86 -
kernel: [drm] nouveau 0000:06:00.0: nouveau_ramht_insert:141 - insert ch2
0x00000180: h=0x80000020, c=0x00100e0c

Am game to try to fix - need help.

Arvind R.
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