[Nouveau] [TEST REQUEST] NV50/NV8x/NV9x/NVAx ctxprog and ctxvals generator

Marcin Kościelnicki koriakin at 0x04.net
Tue Feb 23 18:45:25 PST 2010


This patch makes nouveau generate its own ctxprogs out of thin air on NV50 
family cards and allows us to get rid of nvidia's firmware.

It differs quite a bit from nvidia progs and needs thorough testing on as many 
chipsets and applications as possible, including gallium3d. Anything that 
works with nvidia firmware, but not with this generator, counts as a bug [yes, 
even if it involves gallium]. Please report back to my mail address, or to mwk 
on IRC.

Marcin Kościelnicki

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