[Nouveau] [TEST REQUEST] NV50/NV8x/NV9x/NVAx ctxprog and ctxvals generator

Martin PERES martin.peres at free.fr
Wed Feb 24 10:05:03 PST 2010

Le 24/02/2010 09:22, Marcin Kościelnicki a écrit :
> Aiii... ok, I accidentally introduced a bug in pre-NVA0 branch during last-
> minute cleanups... I just uploaded a new version at the same address that
> should fix that issue.
> Btw, to anyone reporting success/failure with the generator: please include
> your chipset code number [NV50, NV96, NVA5, etc.]. If you don't know what it
> is, just report the hex number in "Detected an NV50 generation card
> (0x086900a2)" line
> Sorry for that screwup....
> Marcin Kościelnicki
It works better now, I could not spot any regression.



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