[Nouveau] Porting nouveau/ttm/drm to FreeBSD/OpenSolaris

"C. Bergström" cbergstrom at pathscale.com
Sat Jan 23 02:25:16 PST 2010

Hi all,

One of our (PathScale) engineers is planning to port nouveau and all 
dependencies to OpenSolaris.  We have two routes we can take and would 
like some feedback from the community.

1) There's an existing drm without ttm that was done by the FreeBSD 
developers.  Would anyone from the fbsd team like to go over some of the 
trouble they've had in porting ttm?

2) The engineer doing the work is much more familiar with Intel GEM and 
has said the following (which I don't honestly know if it's true or not)
    a. Intel GEM surely will continue to be supported
    b. It's already available on OpenSolaris
    c. More portable than ttm
    d. GEM doesn't have support for nvidia cards and is missing some 
important features.  (For OpenSolaris he says those can be added and is 
less effort than porting ttm)
    e. Is probably better performance compared to ttm

As some of you may know our interest is currently only in executing 
cuda-like kernels.  If it doesn't add a substantial amount of effort we 
would like our efforts to also benefit others.  (Specifically fbsd and 
the graphics contexts)

nouveau itself should be relatively easy to port, but what information 
do others have with regards to the surrounding dependencies.



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