[Nouveau] [Bug 14859] External analog monitor does not show part of the output (Randr12)

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--- Comment #28 from graham.cole at wantage.com  2010-03-03 04:56:47 PST ---
I believe I'm seeing the same bug here on my 12" 1.5GHz PowerBook. I installed
Nouveau from git yesterday, and attaching my LCD monitor via VGA and enabling
via xrandr results in 20-30% of the left side of the screen coming up black.
Attaching via DVI works perfectly.

Looks like I have KMS enabled:
$ sudo cat /sys/module/nouveau/parameters/modeset

So I guess that doesn't help any. Let me know if there's anything I can provide
that could help this along. Sadly I don't have access to OSX at the moment

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