[Nouveau] [Bug 26733] Full-screen XV causes graphics lockup

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Sat Sep 4 06:01:03 PDT 2010


--- Comment #30 from Bastien <bastien0705 at aol.com> 2010-09-04 06:01:03 PDT ---
I noticed something strange.
I've been experiencing this issue for a long time now, and I'm almost sure : it
happens when my computer is hot.

I have a very bad ventilated laptop (Compaq Presario CQ60). Sometimes it even
suddenly shutdowns because of his temperature.

When my laptop is up from the morning and I try to play a video on the evening,
that causes graphics lockup (let's say in 90% of time, even more if it's a HQ
video). His temperature is then around 90°C.
However, if I let my laptop cool down, then turn it on (most often his
temperture will then be 65°C) and try again, there's no problem.

That seems weird, and maybe I'm wrong. But that could explain why the issue
happens only to some people, and why it doesn't always happen.

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