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> > > Well it went worse. This time the screen remains blank and the nouveau module
> > > is loaded. So i think i will stay at the previous solution. 
> > > 
> > Did you have "video=VGA-1:e" in your kernel command line? If you did please try
> > without.
> I tried without that as well but it still shows black screen. Should i post a
> register dump? 
Sigh... so it seems OF is the only way to get an EDID for your monitor, new
patch attached, try it *without* "video=VGA-1:e".

> [...]
> > > Although it seems to be slower than the nv driver.
> > > glxgears dropped to 50 from 150, it uses software rendering for opengl and hung
> > > the machine on video load. I wonder if these can get better.
> > It uses software rendering because you haven't installed the 3D driver (try it
> > at your own risk, it's still unsupported).
> Hmm, okay, thanks maybe later. Actually i just expected some speedup on xmoto
> which does not use 3d as far as i know. I thought it would be faster as fast 2D
> seems to be present in the nouveau feature matrix at NV10.

Xmoto uses OpenGL to draw itself, so yes, it's 3d. And by the way, your card
needs the classic mesa drivers instead of gallium, to build them pass
"--with-dri-drivers=nouveau" instead of "--enable-gallium-nouveau" to the mesa
configure script.

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