[Nouveau] [Bug 29810] Blank screen on nouveau module load

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> (In reply to comment #29)
> This is a long and complicated bug report, so I'd be grateful for a brief
> summary of the steps you took to get everything working.  In particular, which
> git repos did you actually need?

Well the way it worked is very close to one written at 
In the large frame. Roughly it was:
a) I checked out the nouveau kernel and applied the patch given in comment #15
. I compiled and installed the new kernel.
b) instead of compiling libdrm i used the debian packaged one (2.4.21)
c) i also checked out the mesa driver
configured with 
./configure --enable-debug --enable-glx-tls --disable-asm
--with-dri-drivers=nouveau --disable-gallium-i915 --disable-gallium-i965
--disable-gallium-radeon --disable-gallium-r600 --disable-gallium-svga
and put the resulting lib/nouveau_vieux_dri.so to /usr/lib/dri
d) Checked out the ddx and installed as written

> I'm confused about the need for gallium to run 3d software -- I read somewhere
> that it's needed for 3d support, but Francisco told you to use the other flag.

Yes as far as i know for this card the nouveau_vieux_dri driver is needed
instead, which was created in step c)

> Thanks!

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