[Nouveau] [RFC] Initial power management vbios parsing, voltage & clock setting to nouveau.

Martin Peres martin.peres at free.fr
Thu Sep 16 01:15:39 PDT 2010

  Le 15/09/2010 14:33, "C. Bergström" a écrit :
> If you're an end users also feel free to pull the branch directly..
> http://github.com/pathscale/pscnv/tree/pm-wip
> We're in #pathscale if you need more help or hit bugs..
It is not a good idea as libpdrm isn't mainstream yet. As Ben said, it 
should be developped in nouveau. Pscnv isn't ready for X users yet even 
though we are working on it.

If people want to, I'll upload a complete kernel somewhere for end users 
to test. As for the moment, I only need developpers & people who know 
what they are doing, not end-users.

Anyway, count on me to keep pscnv & nouveau in sync as for power management.
> thanks
> ./C
> ps (Have a great trip Martin and good luck at the conference!)
Thanks :)

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