[Nouveau] [RFC] Initial power management vbios parsing, voltage & clock setting to nouveau.

Robert Kaiser kairo at kairo.at
Mon Sep 20 06:55:10 PDT 2010

Martin Peres schrieb:
> Le 15/09/2010 14:58, Robert Kaiser a écrit :
>> On an only slightly related note, what's the recommended way to read
>> out the temperature of the GPU when using nouveau? (I have a NV4B
>> card, but I think I read this is mostly the same for all NVidias, right?)
> There is no way to get the temperature using nouveau at the moment. This
> feature should land in nouveau git some time this week.

Kewl! You guys are awesome!

> Reading the temperature is not as straightforward as just reading a
> register. It works that way on nv84+, for earlier cards, you need to
> parse the vbios to set-up the sensor and then read the temperature (and
> change the value with some additional little calcultations). The
> documentation should be available soon, I'm working on merging all the
> doc we have.

Duh, would have thought they might make that available pretty easily, 
but good to know you figured it out. I previously had been using nvclock 
to read it, but I think going through nouveau is nicer (and I know it's 
pretty hot most of the time as nouveau is not that good on power 
management as well, good things take time, after all).

Keep up the good work!

Robert Kaiser

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