[Nouveau] [Bug 30375] (NV34) X server using 100% cpu with latest nouveau.git and xf86-video-nouveau.git

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Sun Sep 26 13:59:24 PDT 2010


--- Comment #1 from Robert Kaiser <kairo at kairo.at> 2010-09-26 13:59:24 PDT ---
I didn't find anything sticking out that could influence graphics that way when
I did look at Firefox/Mozilla code logs, and I didn't see that happening myself
even though I'm using state-of-the-art Mozilla code as part of my work daily,
and I'm using nouveau as well.

Are you sure it's not something like Flash, which accesses graphics directly?

Of course, with Firefox adding hardware acceleration capabilities recently, our
Mozilla code could trigger nouveau bugs more easily - but from what I see on my
machine, Mozilla doesn't actually enable hardware-accelerated windows (i.e.
compositing) with nouveau right now. Check the bottom of about:support in
Firefox, it probably will tell you that 0/x windows are accelerated.

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