[Nouveau] [Bug 39550] Brightness stuck to low value after suspend/resume

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Tue Jul 26 11:13:32 PDT 2011


--- Comment #2 from Emil Velikov <emil.l.velikov at gmail.com> 2011-07-26 11:13:31 PDT ---
Hi Auke

Would you consider this as a regression ?

Looking at your stripped log I can see "ACPI backlight interface available, not
registering our own", thus I would say that the issue is not related to nouveau

Although can you please try the following

1 Boot into runlevel 3
   Append " 3" to your kernel command line

2 Make sure that nouveau is not loaded - "lsmod" will tell you if it is
2.1 Possible solution - blacklist nouveau

3 Try to adjust the brightness via acpi
3.1 Look for *brightness* in /sys/devices/ 
   find /sys/devices -name "*bright*" 2>/dev/null

4 Suspend

5 Resume

6 Try to adjust the brightness again

7 Confirm/dismiss if it is a nouveau related issue

I hope it helps


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