[Nouveau] [Bug 39530] Also after installing Obermayrs drm-nouveau driver booting succeeds only with nomodeset

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Tue Jul 26 13:30:29 PDT 2011


--- Comment #5 from Lee Matheson <lee_matheson at hotmail.com> 2011-07-26 13:30:29 PDT ---
@ Guido - I've seen http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/KernelModeSetting but
there is nothing in there needed for me. Johannes Obermayr's fix worked for me.
I have the nouveau driver working.

This bug report was raised to address an issue observed by j.reitsma and it may
not be the same as yours. I agreed to test Johannes Obermayr's build. I tested
it. It worked. 

I also don't think we should needlessly obscure this bug report if what you
encountered is different.

You mentioned me having a nomodest issue. I don't have a nomodeset issue. I am
now using the nouveau driver.  

In my above post I attached what I hope are helpful log files.

I'm really keen to change my successful GNU/Linux install configuration with
the nouveau driver and the 3.0 RC7 kernel (with openSUSE-12.1 milestone3) as I
have been asked to do OTHER LXDE desktop testing (with GTK3) that may obscure
the success of this configuration, and I would like to stop my support here for
this bug.  I don't have the technical knowledge here to offer much. I was asked
test a specific package. I did. It worked.

So I am hoping there are no requests for further information on this successful
nouveau install from me, using nVidia FX5200 hardware on a 32-bit 3.0 RC7
kernel (openSUSE-12.1 Milestone3).

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