[Nouveau] Traces wanted for NVAA/NVAF

Roy Spliet r.spliet at student.tudelft.nl
Wed Jul 31 15:52:57 PDT 2013

Dear All,

After recently taking a little dive into the NVAC clock tree, I was 
wondering what that net would look like on cards I expect to be similar. 
In this case I'm looking for MMIOtraces of NVAA and NVAF, which is 
marketed as the 8x00 mGPU, 9x00 mGPU, 320M, ION and/or some nForce IGP. 
If there is anyone who could provide me with an MMIO trace for any of 
these cards that would be greatly appreciated. If you need help in the 
process, please contact me by e-mail or on IRC.
Many thanks in advance. Yours,

Roy Spliet MSc.
r.spliet at student.tudelft.nl
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